Insurance News: The generative AI opportunity and importance of responsible implementation | Insurance Blog

As with any new technology, as well as the opportunities it opens up, there are concerns about unintended consequences of generative AI and the need for responsible implementation. We were delighted to be in the hotspot usually claimed by Kenneth Saldanha in this episode of Insurance News Analysis to discuss this important topic and were … Read more

The Future of Insurance Customer Engagement: A Comprehensive Guide – InsuredMine CRM

The future of insurance customer engagement is marked by a remarkable shift towards a more customer-centric approach. As technology and personalization take center stage, insurers are redefining their role as trusted partners in their customers’ lives. By doing so, they not only ensure their survival in a dynamic marketplace but also contribute to a more … Read more

Navigating the Billion Dollar Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges in Insurtech for P&C Insurance Agencies – InsuredMine CRM

P&C insurance agencies find themselves at a crossroads, where embracing Insurtech opportunities offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation. However, traditional insurers navigating this landscape requires adaptability, a customer-centric approach, and a willingness to harness the power of technology while preserving the core values that make these agencies indispensable in the insurance world. As they … Read more

Morales Agency in Coral Springs, Fla., Joins Renaissance Alliance

The Morales Agency is the newest Florida-based member of Renaissance Alliance, the nation’s premier network of independent agencies. Based in Coral Springs, the Morales Agency offers a variety of P&C and Life products, including Landlord, Condo, Renters and Umbrella insurance. The agency was especially attracted to Renaissance’s commercial lines market access and placement team capabilities, … Read more

How to Increase Insurance Sales in 15 Easy Steps

Independent agencies that continuously strive to increase insurance sales are the ones that are continually investing in their success and their future. Even the most successful agents can be challenged when it comes to finding new ways to increase insurance sales. The process of acquiring new business includes a wide-ranging series of tactics that are … Read more

5 Ways to Increase Insurance Agency Revenue

There are a variety of ways in which you can increase insurance agency revenue. One might say that an independent agent’s success is limited only by three things: time, resources, and how you manage your business to maximize those first two elements most efficiently. In order to acquire more clients, continuously drive revenue, and remain … Read more

New strategies for P&C claims litigation management | Insurance Blog

According to AM Best Financial reports, between 2018 and 2023, litigation management costs for the combined Property & Casualty industry increased by 19%, amounting to an increase of $4-5 billion, or for context, bringing total litigation expenses to ~$24B of LAE. In both personal and commercial lines, carriers have experienced the adverse effects of social … Read more

California’s FIA Insurance Services Joins Renaissance Alliance

FIA Insurance Services is the latest agency in the Golden State to join Renaissance Alliance, the nation’s premier network of independent insurance agencies. Based in Torrance, Calif., FIA Insurance Services has served clients since 1946 and offers both personal lines coverage and a variety of commercial lines products. The agency was especially attracted to Renaissance’s … Read more

Park Wilshire in Jersey City Joins Renaissance Alliance

Park Wilshire risk management and insurance solutions is the newest New Jersey-based member of Renaissance Alliance, the nation’s premier network of independent agencies. Based in Jersey City, N.J., Park Wilshire seeks to significantly grow its commercial and high-net-worth books of business by tapping into its financial services clientele and real estate development partnerships. The agency … Read more

Innovation of the month: Bank of Ireland promotes financial wellbeing | Insurance Blog

In the lead-up to the 2022 Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards, we have featured an outstanding innovation each month. This month Bank of Ireland (BoI) is in the spotlight, with a Digital Wealth Advice Platform that is transforming how financial advice is delivered to customers. This truly hybrid omni-channel digital model gives customers personalized, regulated … Read more